About: Pandora PvP is a collection of Spigot Minecraft plugins for a designated modded Minecraft public server. The plugins ranged from economy, to utility, and moderation. My personal work was on the development side, where I worked on server optimizations regarding instant block placement, world border creation, staff command logs, and moderator utility commands. Although my time on the project only spanned a couple months, I enjoyed the time I worked on the project.

What is Spigot?: Minecraft is a video game made in Java (for non-console systems). Spigot is one of many server-hosting options for Minecraft, like Bukkit, Paper, Yatopia, and more. Spigot allows for programmers to create plugins that are loaded with the server as enhancements. Using Spigot’s API, more optimizations and customizability are available for developers.

This project helped me learn how to organize many tasks into smaller projects, and taught me how to work with more complicated programming systems, like APIs, documentation, and Maven.

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