Dot on Wheel Animation

Goals: Use Mathematica to create an animation of a dot on a wheel that is rolling at a constant angular velocity.


A wheel with radius R has a constant angular velocity in the -z direction (so the wheel rolls in +x). There is a dot on the wheel a distance p away from the center where p>0. We wish for R>p, but we do explore when p>R and even when p=R. We wish to animate the motion of this dot.


We go through many different results and iterations of animation. The entire process is on the Github tied to the project. This was the final result for R=2, angular velocity of -2, and p=1, and for values of p=2 and p=4.

p=1: Result Gif

p=2: Result Gif 2

p=4: Result Gif 3

Note that the original project used a .mov file. This resulting .gif is of lower quality than the original video

See the full project on Github